Eminent tutoring’s new virtual classroom is an exciting teaching and learning platform where our qualified tutors and students can communicate and engage in an interactive teaching and learning environment

We offer 1-2-1 and lessons in small groups (Avg. 2 students per group)

Our tutors are very experienced  ~ the teaching and learning experience is made very easy and simple 

We deliver about 85 online lessons every week 

Specially created to mimic our traditional classroom setting at the centre by using innovative tools to deliver an exciting and effective learning experience

Mimics traditional whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard

Our interactive learning platform makes it possible for our tutors and students to visually display teaching and learning concepts.

Playback Lessons for revision

Recorded Lessons

All lessons are recorded and saved in a shared folder. Students can playback the recording to aid with their revision

Extra 15 mins per lesson

Extended Lesson Time

All our online lessons are extended by 15 minutes compared with lessons delivered at the centre.

Special 5% Discount for for all 1-2-1 online lessons – subject to eligibility
What you need to join the virtual classroom 

NB: Limited spaces available for both online and face to face sessions at the centre so please register now.

Please click here to register

NB: The virtual services does not replace our face to face services at the centre. Our tutoring centres are still open. thank you