I enrolled my son at Eminent tutoring over 3 years ago and the service has been excellent! Joe was really struggling with his Maths and had lost all confidence. He’s now in the top set in his Maths class. His lessons with Eminent gives him a head start on topics not yet covered in school and this boosts his confidence when the topic is later covered in school. I’m so pleased with the service. thank you Rita and the Team!

Sarah Mensah

“We are absolutely delighted with the support we have received from Eminent tutoring since my son joined in April. They assessed our son’s learning needs and produced a comprehensive and well structured baseline report that highlights his strengths, weaknesses and a personalised scheme for him. My son developed a safe and comfortable bond with his tutor and this translated into a steady progression in his performance. I’m extremely satisfied with the service so far.

Oliver smith

Excellent service. Steady progress in my children’s performance. I receive regular feedback from Eminent if my children’s altitude towards learning changes or when homework is not completed. Also pleased they accept my childcare vouchers. I’m very pleased with the service.


My experience with Eminent Tutors has been fantastic. From my initial enquiry they were communicative, professional, and helpful. A tutor was found for my child very quickly and communication with the teacher was always easy and professional. Since having the lessons, my child has improved significantly in her grades and her confidence.She enjoy the sessions with her tutors. Not only is the service exceptional, the prices are also very affordable compared to other tuition agencies in the area. I would recommend Eminent Tutors to anyone!

Prudvi Palakur

My daughter Sarah enrolled with Eminent in Year 11 in October. Her predicted grade in Maths was a 3. She had lost all her confidence but thanks to the personalised support from her tutor she made rapid progress and gained her confidence back very quickly. She obtained a grade 5 beyond all expectations. thank you


I’m really pleased with Eminent tutoring. My daughter’s Maths has improved significantly since she started tutoring 3 months ago. She has already moved up to the second set in class and there is clear visible boost in her confidence.
I’m constantly kept in the loop on how she is finding the lessons through constant feedback.